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In the most binary "mom" vs "dad," or Party "A" vs Party "B," litigious nation in the world, millions of innocent men, women and children are barred, invisible, feeling hopeless and alone. #OldDeals #Keep180sWeird

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DNA Noah & Olivia's adaptively secure child-, victim- and family-hood (CVF) Arc's - 2 x 2 Parents at a "Family Law 2.0" Trial Time

Welcome to Life Saving Planners (LSP) - Think of fiduciaries with your financial investments, but with CVFs - Positive Parenting and Family Wellness. We are excited to have you join us in creating a safer and happier environment for children and families. Explore the various ways you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of those in need.


Dreamcycle - @Justice180CLU360

Network with our community and experience the revolutionized family performance practices for ultimate safety and affordability. Together, we can navigate the legal system with confidence and overcome the uncertain times tied to contracts or systems designed to deconstruct families.

Man sitting on the tailgate of a truck with the words "Hurting in a divorce?"

United CLU Parents

Welcome to CLU, a dedicated community of performance parents committed to sharing the Good News of Lord Jesus and advocating for the organic best interests of our children. We understand the challenges that come with navigating the legal system while innocent and we are here to provide ultra-safe support, measures, encouragement, resources, and guidance to help underrepresented families in need. As a CLU "Champion for Children," you'll collaborate with peers creating life in new motion. You'll adapt and flourish instead, embracing the latest tools and resources available to help families succeed. Together, we can build a safer, smarter, and more inclusive future for every child and every community.

"The facts that are obvious to you may be the things others refuse to acknowledge,

preferring instead to push their own agenda for personal gain."



Cases are not a family, nor do America they make. At CLU, we believe in the power of unity and the organic co-protection of children. Together, we can overcome the challenges that come with adult and systemicly mandated conflicts. That's why we offer personalized "safety nets" for children and their truth, providing the necessary support during these difficult times. Our overlapping empathetic approach ensures that we meet the needs of our community and provide peace of mind, role-model tips, and hope for a better future. We are here for you and your family, every step of the way. Let's hold on to each other and move forward, united.


"I didn't just want champions for grown-ups, I wanted it for me too!" - your kids may soon declare


Tailgate Parent & Double Border Kids Safety360*

Tailgates are not a road to anywhere, nor do performance parents they make. So powered by freedom+, CLU is the world's first 100% free+ air church, family trial safety net (for unrepresented kids and your family) and safety bridge (organically for unrepresented parents). Because your parenting of tomorrow and family of the future should have a view.


"No more cleaverly Motioned-out facts for me!"

*Litigate / Adaptively Child Safety File responsibly.


Family Uninjury Laws Guaranteed

Have you ever found yourself in a place where time seems to have slipped through your fingers? Perhaps your kids have grown, and life's burdens weigh you down. It's a feeling we all encounter at some point. But now, there's hope on the horizon.

Welcome to our family of future clerks, ready to assist you in filing for marriage and relationship issues. We understand the complexities of probabilities, statistics, and childproof data analytics, especially in the midst of extreme concrete data analytical storms.

At CLU, we've embarked on a journey to ensure your family's well-being. It's time to collaboratively narrate the systems that may have hindered, barred or binded you in the past. Don't let your children bear the weight of twice-silenced any longer. Fall free from old vehicles to co-lock a brighter future too with the CLU Self-Help Guide and other empowering safety gear.

If you and your loved ones find yourselves ensnared in the complexities of pre-deals, mid-deal unsustainabilities, jurisdictional jigsaw puzzles for kids, or decade-long dangers, or if you're grappling with seemingly endless post-deal challenges that persist during your lifetime, CLU is here to provide prayerful support. We'll ask God to guide you through the intricate contractual mazes and empower you to reshape a co-narrative. Bid #SeeMe to those intricate contracts that may have been imposed upon you, filed against your will, and embrace a future filled with liberation and fulfillment.

"Breaking Free: A Promise of Liberty"

Filing against your will, a daunting maze,
Contract and litigations, like endless days.
Barriers of the association, burdens hard to bear,
Wasting gas and reversing pay, it's just not fair.

For truly innocent families, caught in the snare,
CLU is here, your burdens we'll share.
Together we'll break free from this binding chain,
No more wasted gas, no more endless pain. 🌟

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