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In the most litigious nation in the world, millions of men, women and children are invisible, feeling hopeless and alone.

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Man sitting on the tailgate of a truck with the words "Hurting in a divorce?"

United CLU Peers

Welcome to CLU, a dedicated community of parents committed to sharing the Good News and advocating for the best interests of our children. We understand the challenges that come with navigating the legal system and we are here to provide ultra-safe support, encouragement, resources, and guidance to help underrepresented families in need. As a CLU "Champion for Children," you'll join a movement that's all about creating life in new motion. We adapt and flourish, embracing the latest tools and resources to help families succeed. Together, we can build a safer, more regenerative future for every child and every community.

"The facts that are obvious to you may be the things others refuse to acknowledge,

preferring instead to push their own agenda for personal gain."


Dreaming of a do-able future?

Network with our community and experience the revolutionized family performance practices for ultimate safety and affordability. Together, we can navigate the legal system with confidence and overcome the uncertain times tied to contracts or systems designed to deconstruct families.


Childhood, family and ultra-safety

Cases are not a family, nor do America they make. At CLU, we believe in the power of unity and the organic co-protection of children. Together, we can overcome the challenges that come with adult and systemicly mandated conflicts. That's why we offer personalized "safety nets" for children and their truth, providing the necessary support during these difficult times. Our overlapping empathetic approach ensures that we meet the needs of our community and provide peace of mind, role-model tips, and hope for a better future. We are here for you and your family, every step of the way. Let's hold on to each other and move forward, united.


"I didn't just want champions for grown-ups, I wanted it for me too!" - your kids may soon declare


A Tailgate Parent of tomorrow*

Tailgates are not a road, nor do parents they make. Powered by freedom, CLU is the world's first 100% free air church and family trial safety bridge (organically for unrepresented parents) and safety net (for unrepresented kids and your family). Because your parenting of tomorrow and family of the future begins with life in new Tripple Win Motions today.


"No more cleaverly Motioned-out facts for me!"

*Litigate / Adaptively File responsibly.



We all know that feeling. You wake up one day and suddenly realize that time has taken its toll. Your kids are gone …you're bitter…vehicles that wedge between you and yours are almighty... life is a drain, and the wrinkles of your past are unfolding right before your now vulnerable eyes. 


Congratulations, you're in! It's time to stay smooth or start smoothing out your future and celebrate safely as you navigate the deals and systems that have been holding you back. Don't let your children suffer in silence any longer. Break the silence and unlock a new chapter in life with the help of the CLU Self-Help Guide and other tools to treat your own destiny uninfringed.


"What a life! I went from unprofitable performance parenting to profitable. I became a true Champion for my children, helped prioritize and made the most of our precious time and attention, while breaking free from the constraints that once held us back, and fostered mindful regeneration within my own family." - You'll be declaring untwisted in your last will & testament instead

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