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What's New at CLU: God's Free Adaptive Secure Child-, Victim- and Family-Hub (CVF) Arcs

Welcome to the cutting-edge of family safety and wellness—CLU's CVF Freedom Files. Imagine fiduciaries, not just for your finances, but for the wellbeing of families. Our unique '4 x 4 Coins' and '2 x 2 Parents at a Child Safety File' initiatives offer unparalleled support and advocacy during your 'Family Law 2.0' trials. Join our vibrant community of positive parenting and family wellness advocates. Get involved and help make a significant difference in the lives of children and families navigating their toughest challenges.


In the most binary "mom" vs "dad," or Party "A" vs Party "B" embattled, litigious nation in the world, millions of innocent men, women and children are barred, invisible, feeling hopeless and alone. #OldDeals

United States Contact:

Man sitting on the tailgate of a truck with the words "Hurting in a divorce?"

Welcome to UltraSafe360

At CLU, we believe in the power of unity and co-protection. Our personalized 'safety nets' support your family through the trials of separation or divorce, providing hope and practical solutions when you need them most. Join us, and together, we'll navigate the complexities of systemic conflicts to secure a brighter, united future for your children.






About Our Children's Advocacy at CLU

At CLU, we champion children’s rights and well-being through tailored support that respects each family's unique journey. We understand that every child deserves a secure, positive environment—free from the complexities of legal and systemic barriers. Our community-based approach fosters resilience and empowerment for both children and their parents. Join us on our mission to build brighter futures for all children, regardless of their circumstances.





Family Uninjury Laws Guaranteed

Time can slip away, but your family's future need not fade into complexity. At CLU, we empower families with tools to tackle marriage and relationship challenges amid life’s storms. Our experts assist with the intricacies of family law, helping you navigate through and beyond the constraints of outdated agreements towards newfound freedom.





Breaking Free: A Promise of Liberty

Feel trapped by old, imposed contracts? CLU is your ally in transforming these challenges into opportunities for liberation. With our support, say goodbye to the old and embrace a future where your family can truly thrive. Together, we’ll redefine what’s possible, breaking free from the binds of the past and stepping into a liberated future.


Filing against your will, a daunting maze,
Contract and litigations, like endless days.
Barriers of the association, burdens hard to bear,
Wasting gas and reversing pay, it's just not fair.

For truly innocent families, caught in the snare,
CLU is here, your burdens we'll share.
Together we'll break free from this binding chain,
No more wasted.

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