The purpose of Clean Law™ and CLU (Clean Law™ Union) making greener law is to bring a spirit of reuniting and constructiveness to the next generation. 


         In the early 1900's, people in the know organized in order to protect children from the free exploitations of legal child labor.

          In the early 2000's, a few people in the know felt like they were forced to organize in order to protect children of family court from the free exploitation's legal child leverage. 

           Another pain-point that Clean Law™ and CLU fills is the fact that innocent young parents in family court have no right to counsel when they cannot afford it. Those who have had this chronic experienced say that it can be like standing in an open void underneath of a permanently dirty waterfall. 

          Clean Law™ is double law. Double law is the constructive scientific law practice for child safety files and other innovations in conjunction with the courtroom "law" versus "law" practice that's used for "fighting files."


          This proven state-of-the-art technology promotes maximum public safety while capitalizing children. For example, if fiber is mixed with concrete, then it's stronger when it cures. Likewise, when the scientific law practice is mixed with the unscientific law practice, then children are safer.

        Double law is the new university. And with it, team CLU has discovered I R Physics, Christian's Law, Madison's Initiative, The Fair Dealing Standards Bill, Clean Child Support, Alayna's Law, reality-based justice (RBJ),  and much more. Double law has opened the door to a new & improved future.

        In science and in the following example, the leverage on the left side of the scale is 1 foot-pound and the leverage on the right side is 0 foot-pounds. Likewise in reality, a biased side carries more weight than a side that's null. One could imagine how these two sides compound conversely with each interaction over time. A rate of construction for one side and deconstruction for the other that are now being measured. When deconstructed sides go beyond the envelope threshold (ET), then there's no recovery.


         Friends of CLU say that this new "double law" technology has helped them understand and heal from the wounds and of those levers.

         Decentralized Micro Justice (DMJ) can now develop safer and smart policies with maximum public safety in store. DMJ reuses any abuse of power to capitalize the most powerless. 

          Clean Law™ makes it legal for everyone in America to be in the know while traveling through family trying times. This builds bridges for child safety. 

         Clean Law™ believes that every child in America should have the right to know, to grow, and to glow with safety in store while traveling through trying times in their families. Some say that's why their motto is "Champions for children," their vision is Clean Law™ and their mission is reuniting.  Proof that double law really works.

New School Leverage Versus Leverage Scale