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A new opportunity

Join CLU as a volunteer or intern and gain practical experience, formal and informal mentoring opportunities, and a chance to develop STEM fun, networking and community development skills. Our program is perfect for students, family activists, soldiers, and those who want to repurpose their lives after high conflict divorce or military wars. We welcome anyone with a passion for creating ultra-safe connections through systems and devices, and particularly those with skills in leadership, content creation, animations, app development, writing, design, journalism, sales, pre-engineering, and engineering. Join us and help make a difference for humanity and in the lives of children and families of the future.

What are people saying ?

"It's worth a million dollars." - Entrepreneuer & CLU Peer Aron B.

"When I was young, I grew up in poverty and was baptized in church on the 4th of July. I spent my grade school years learning and debating the US constitutional due process. As I grew older, I wanted to become a good parent, so I studied engineering and national ethics in college. But I still had to hope for a day when the law and ultra-safety measures I believed in could actually fit with divorce law and policies regarding my kids. Unfortunately, for standing up for God and normal American dreams, my kids and I were often exiled from our homes and society. But now with CLU, we can finally measure up." - Author & CLU Co-founder Aaron W.

"It's been a bleesing and an inspiration to pray for and share the Good News like this, in such hard times, to help each other become better desciples of Christ." - CEO Olivia Sanders

"Try To think of what the kids are feeling, and what you think is the best for them and yourself." - Pioneer Madison Clark (Daugher of Co-founder Chris Clark)

"I do believe there needs to be a CLU in every county across the country. One of the greatest things about CLU is that because the family court is set up for people to fight (it pits one parent against the other and it hurts the kids), CLU looks at it differently... Like, to see how we can work together" - Author & CLU Co-founder Denis Durham

"One of the most influential American dream guardians, with a democratized think tank and a visionary approach to Clean Law, and the best 'Champion for children' model I've ever seen and been proud to be a part of." - Author James Jackson

"It can bridge the gaps created by distance between a parent and their child." - WAND TV News

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