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Father and Son Playing



If you're like us, then the problem at hand is that without support and encouragement from groups like CLU, we can all be left feeling lost and without options. Those who stand up for what's right can be exiled from their homes and communities due to outdated policies and systems. It's up to Clumsy Crusaders to keep the illusion of "standability" uncheckable, and survivors must highlight the importance of perseverance and support for future generations. Freelance beliefs are no longer enough, as we must advocate for ourselves and seek the truth despite the "truth" and "family" law. It's crucial to stand up for what's right, as it's the only way to ensure a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. While superheroes like Jo (in the Self-Help guide video) may be gone or erased, CLU has introduced a wide range of new resources, including Family Law 2.0, Child Safety Files, and tailored New Deals, to ensure we're never alone in our struggles. Joining a support group like CLU's united parents family trial (an Ephesians 4:13 group) can help you become an unadorable voice in the sharp waves and rescue or safeguard your children's dreams for the future.

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