The Built-in Remedy

November 20, 2018

          We're lost. Innocent parents are in trenches that there's no way out of. And when you ask to prove that you deserve to be let out of the trench. Well, in a little deeper you go. That's life. That's life in Decatur. What some call "Dirty D," or "Make-up" County. That's life in a bad deal. 

          Take lag-time child support, for example. It's that level below hopeless.Whether you're a mother expecting child support payments to come in, or a father paying child support out, then when disruptions naturally come you're sunk. There's a great divide in the middle that has to be milked first. You see, void monsters hear no truth, see no truth, and speak no truth.


          The child psychology of price fixing child support is paid to be grave. It's grave to because it places children directly in grave situations. You see, trying to address child support in a judicial ring is financially prohibitive to those who can't afford thousands of dollars in retainer fees and hundreds of dollars an hour. So, it's the children in the middle who suffer the most. But many parents groups have been organizing to support one another and to talk to representatives who might be able to help. Some want to teach high school students the rules of the judicial road for safety. Others want a more automated child support system with shallower trenches. But you see, there is no right to counsel in family law like there is in criminal law. So, children will always be put in a judicial ditch regardless of what county, state or federal representatives do. After all, who looks at the grass under their feet when there's firing works going on in the air?

           Like driving a car, navigating the family court system during a divorce can be dangerous. Some call that the worst experience of their life. Lag-time charges are like always owing money for nothing in return. Lag-time payments are like being owed money but never getting it. Lag-time child support charges are like owing money on money that was never made. And lag-time child support payments are like expecting money that never gets paid. Both lag-time child support charges and lag-time child support payments are off of the chain. There's a great divide in the middle that has to be milked first. But a built-in remedy to lag-time charges and lag-time payments may be too obvious to see. Especially by those not used to watching where they walk.

           People who want to avoid paying child support can freely jump around from job-to-job. But people who want to pay child support are in a car accident and in a coma are just as guilty to the middle. People who need to receive child support can wait for years. But people who don't want child support or want it adjusted have a hard time getting that done. No regulation limits the trenches. No laws detour these lag-times in the middle. 

       The child psychology from price fixing child support sounds great to those painting the picture. There's never any fact-finding or researching the results or showing evidence or counting the costs. But the heaviest damages are on these children. But so is the best relief on future children in those situations. The only problem is, you have to wait until there are enough grow-up people from those dire positions in life to stand up and make some noise. Which obviously cannot happen. Many don't survive being trampled on so much.


            If you have ever paid a late fee for something, then you know what a built-in remedy is. A built-in remedy is a standard term written into a contract that you sign. Like if something is due today but it's paid tomorrow, then you owe a little extra. It's a very common practice. There's not much left in the middle to milk. A safety net for differences. A built-in remedy is sometimes a $2 late fee for returning a movie late. A built-in remedy is sometimes the $30 late fee on a car payment that’s 15 days overdue. You get the idea. 

            Everyone agrees to these terms in contracts when we sign them. No one objects to those terms being in there. But the contracts of family law fall short of this standard. They're left open and leave us danging. For some reason, they refuse built-in remedies. But after years of research, science is finally on the verge of discovering a cure to family contract authors who refuse to keep up with the times. A child safety bridge while crossing the void monsters. 

            Children are just as important as renting a movie. But those contractors of children must feel like kids don't deserve the same common sense as movie rental agreements. Well, CLU parents say they do deserve to be treated as well as movie rentals. Unless it's a really good comedy. (Just joking, lol!) And you’re probably like CLU. You now see the value of built-in remedies. You see that contracts for children should be just as intuitive as the contracts for renting movies.

           The customer psychology of a built-in remedy is that a late fee is small enough that customers will return the movie but not large enough to detour them from keeping it. Plus, this intelligence keeps the customers coming back. A built-in remedy for child support, for example, would be for child support to be written in the contract for $500 a month, for example, but automatically revisited every year. 

            For family law, there’s no balance and no reason to treat customers intelligently. But for a family, life-long trauma is caused when children can’t eat because there’s no food in the house and there's no money coming in. Compounded by the fear that it can take thousands of dollars to address a contract. 

            Post traumas are living a life consistently reminded of those pains from that trap and refusals to research or detour those traps. Real feelings that no one cares. If a parent is receiving child support, then what happens to the receiver when the payer moves around from job-to-job or stops working?

            Trauma is caused when innocent parents are injured or laid-off of work and broke, but child support is due. Post traumas are living a life always being reminded of those pains from that trap. Complicated by refusals to detour the springs of that trap. If a parent is paying child support, then what happens when the payer loses a job or can’t work?

            In both of these cases, it can be beyond traumatic. It can be beyond post-traumatic. And it's the children who suffer the most from these lag-time payments and lag-time charges.

            Scientifically, when the other side hires an attorney and takes you to court for not being able to meet price-fixed terms, then that can be chronic post-trauma. And it's the children who suffer even worse.

           The child psychology of a built-in remedy is that a late child support payment is small enough that payers will keep paying but not large enough to detour it. Plus, this intelligence keeps both parties in the game of raising a child. Expecting a little extra when receiving child support and it's late also takes the huge burden off of the costs associated with redressing that issue in court. Even if it's not paid for a year, then that extra fee owed would help automatically cover any retainer fees needed for an attorney. 

            The clean child support initiative is beyond a built-in remedy. It’s like sales taxes or income taxes. It’s automatic. Research shows that millions of dollars are owed in unpaid child support. And research also shows that millions of dollars are overpaid in child support. Both with respect to Illinois State Statute percentages. Yet, family law writers do not follow the law nor do they apply built-in remedies. They follow the last deal that was made in hopes of another future deal. But shouldn’t we all follow the law? Shouldn't we all keep up with intelligence and keep up with the times?

            Clean child support helps both sides of the lag-time fences. It would help those who are contracted based on a job but have to downsize because the other party switches jobs. And it would help those who are contracted based on a high income but have to downsize because of a new and lower income.

            Clean child support helps both sides of those inequalities. But state and federal representatives might have to care enough about keeping up with the times or else start returning their movies on time and paying a late fee like everyone else.

            Scientists have discovered that the clean child support initiative has beyond built-in remedies. Remedies that would help those children the most.

            January is planting season for Illinois State legislative initiatives. Most people believe that judges and lawyers and representatives should not be contracted away from their money without built-in remedies. But, maybe they should at least experience what these children go through in a life without built-in financial remedies. And what about built-in visitation remedies? But, before we take built-in remedies any farther the real question is how do hopeless sinking trench dwellers get out of these trenches and beg our leaders to stop milking those trenches and return their movies on time?

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