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Plan CVF Untraporithms: Transform Legal and Co-Parenting Solutions to Strengthen Family Bonds

  • Essential "Dealproof" #NewBook Deal

    Every month
    +$17 Setup Provider
    Empower Your Parent-Child-Parent Story With a Revolutionary Author-to-Book #NewDeal
    • AI assisted direct and/or remote new book deal and support
    • Access to our provider's book writing chats and platform
    • Missing stories diversify into the "My New Deal" experiences
    • Can even improve & strengthen family relationships remotely
    • Say goodbye to old book contracts that aren't inclusive
    • Linkability made easy for authors with separated families
    • Perfect solution for kids in overwhelming & divisive worlds
    • Voice-to-book open AI book writing, support, and publishing
  • Balanced Connection Plan

    Every month
    +$17 Platforms Setup
    Fostering Continuity in Parent-Child-Parent Relationships
    • Shared Parental Portal
    • AI-Powered Updates and Alerts
    • Virtual Family Rooms
    • Emotional and Developmental Insights
    • Remote Co-Parenting Education
    • Privacy and Consent Framework
  • Ultimate Childproof Deals

    Every month
    +$27 Setup Provider
    Empower Families with Your Professional Provisionary Cutting-Edge Child Safety Solutions
    • Private licensed practice: Organic universal family care
    • Pre-practice training: Future providers program
    • Pre-practice simulations on the diversified un-trade-up's
    • Exclusive constructive safety filing: Safeguarding families
    • Case prevention: Access to accusupport & superpredictor
    • Child Safety file trauma prevention: Shielding & undepriving
    • Family Law 2.0: Protecting family sustainabilities
  • Pro @Home Startup

    Every month
    +$37 Setup with Platforms & Provider
    Want to start a business? Get a Micro Enterprise Startup With Just One Click!
    • Complete support, start & run your online business from home
    • Have our AI write, you publish, books for you
    • Professional editing & uploading help for creation trailers
    • Inludes startup company, business plan & support
    • Assistance in setting up your own vendor distibution account
    • And much more!
Free Flipbook 1+.png

Free Testimonial Booklet

This free gift, "It's Okay to QuadCash" is a flipbook on feeling secure during those exaggerated moments in a risky, most litigious nation in the world. It serves as an introduction and impact report to a world of defferences where family dynamics are supported by cutting-edge technology and compassionate, informed "un-trade-ups." Welcome to the future of family empowerment!

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